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Quidditch World Cup 2014: Opening match

Joint favourites in this year’s tournament, Norway today made short work of Ivory Coast, who were not playing at their often impressive best. Norqwegian seeker Sigrid Kristoffersen out-raced her counterpart Sylvian Boigny to take the Snitch in the 128th minute.

season’13/14 - colour palette (inspo)

If two hitherto rival football teams, under the influence of brotherly love, decided to co-operate in placing the football first beyond one goal and then beyond the other, no one’s happiness would be increased

make me choose ⟶ runemarker asked: real madrid or bayern munich?



i reblog this every single time

this is my favorite post on this whole website

"Winning is the absolute best thing that can be experienced. Once you get it, it’s like the most addictive drug."

Let my name have one more moment in the sun before it disappears from the world.

omg, where have you met Benedict? :O I'm so jealous!

At Oz comic con today!!! It was actually amazing!!


So this may have happened today…

Ok sleepy time

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